You are on stage every day

Intermission at the Walt Disney theater. Photo taken from the edge of the stage. The performers must perform even if they’re not feeling well.

Separating onstage from backstage is a key component of the Disney Magic.

Onstage is defined as anywhere that a Cast Member can see strollers and babies. Backstage is anywhere that you can’t.

On stage is not only a physical place, it’s also a psychological place, and you must act like there’s nowhere else you’d rather be even if that’s not true.

As an adult, especially if you are a parent, you do this all the time when you’re around young people.

‘Tis the season to be onstage – all day, everyday.

Are you organized with your structure and processes to live like this? What if you were? Why aren’t you? Or, how does this sound, how does it feel to know that you’ve overcome the way you used to be? Remembering how it felt impossible and comparing that to how it feels now, what advice would you have for others who are feeling that it’s impossible now?

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