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Traveling Is Awesome!

Traveling Is Awesome! But the paradox it creates with work life balance can almost negate the positives. The good news is that being decently organized helps overcome the inevitable temptations.

I'm trying to control cholesterol without medication.

Arriving to the hotel last night near 8pm, I started driving to McDonalds. There was a perfectly good Ruby Tuesday’s adjacent to the hotel. A combo meal would be quick (and cheap), but not healthy.

A sit-down dinner would be healthy (and cost more) but not quick…

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Dear Son

The Secret Of Life Is There Is No Secret

Blast off daily. It's up to you.

Dear Son, the secret of life is there is no secret – life begins when you do and it slows down when you do.

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Jokers Are Wild

The Defining Midlife Moment Of Truth

Continue to go through the motions – a slow and steady march towards death with the rest of The Herd. A life stained with regret.

Take charge and ReThink, RePrioritize and ReCommit – a slow and steady journey towards your purpose with The Movement. A life with peace, joy, contentment.

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