Summit yourself

Glacier Park at sunrise
GNP. Wild Goose Island at sunrise.

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

Sir Edmund Hillary

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Carving Out A Life

But, but, but…

Disney's Contemporary Resort from Monorail
This building is well organized


The only way to become decently and consistently organized is to make it a priority. To make it part of your personal culture and a standard by which you will not waiver from.

We know this.

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Blog Stuff

One door closes, another opens looks good on paper

Walt Disney black and white portrait photo
Some of us fantasize we’re a chip off the old block


One door closes, another opens – looks good on paper. Or on a website.

Taking this bed rest recovery downtime to tighten up some blog links, looks, functions.

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Uncommon Sense

Is there only one way to think about obstacles?

inspirational message
change the word Lent to Life


Is there only one way to think about obstacles?


Obstacles are irrelevant.

If it’s important to us, we’ll find a way. Won’t we?

If other things are more important, than we won’t find a way.

The devil let’s us believe that comfort, security, ease, etc are more important.

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Make It Simple

Everything Takes Longer

Never Accepting Defeat?
Never Accepting Defeat?

What’s one of the most important things in life to remember, and to teach to the children in your life?

Knowing it, embracing it and planning for it will make life infinitely more compelling.


Because it will give us a reason not to quit. It gives us an advanced warning that faith, hope, determination and perseverance are cornerstones to success.

It’s more than attitude.