Uncommon Sense

It is normal to fall behind and struggle with organization

Pile of wireless lavalieres
Everyone has stuff they have to keep organized


It is normal to fall behind and struggle with organization? Had a blinding flash of the obvious. I always write to the man in the mirror.

Pushing myself is like breathing. All day, everyday.

Walt Disney was like that too.

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Dear Son

Dear Son, I Hope You Never Lose Sight Of Your Dad’s Struggles (with everything)

Yesterday, February 10, 2012 - did you declare it a victory?

Dear Son, you are not alone in your struggles – this too is part of life’s DNA, even for the people who look like they have it all figured out.

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Are You? Completely Different?

I Could Just Stop

Beacon Or Burden?
Beacon Or Burden?

Perhaps the best thing to do is to give up.

Thinking. Dreaming. Believing.

All in a counter-intuitive manner.

It’s just crazy.

It’s professional and career suicide.

I could just stop.