Not Everyone Is Willing To Devote Themselves To Changing The Course Of Their Life

One thing most Baby Boomers are acutely aware of is personal responsibility. No one is more in charge of us than us. You are the CEO of You, Inc. And yet, most Boomers feel lost, not knowing where or how to begin, to make positive life changes – to reverse decades of bad health habits. […]

Mid Life Celebration Is Driven To Help Boomers ReThink, RePrioritize, ReCommit

Thought about blogging in 2007. Began blogging in 2008. Started writing five daily (differently-themed) blogs in 2009. Reached 3,000 posts in 2010. And two weeks ago, in 2011, wrote Midlife Celebration’s 5,000th post. Some resolutions begin January 1st. Most fail by January 21st. Baby Boomers can resolve to do anything at anytime. And I’m here, […]

Midlife Celebration’s Founder, jeff noel, Says Midlife Is About An Attitude Of Gratitude

Happy December from all of us at Mid Life Celebration, LLC. Founder jeff noel is a road warrior as a motivational speaker, wellness and work life balance expert. Recently, at Baylor University, there were impressional images both high and low. Baby Boomers, let’s keep our hearts open for our second chance to reThink, rePrioritize and […]

What’s The Value Of One Single Photograph? A Thousand Words?

What is the value of a single photograph? Or the value of a solitary word? What about 1,000 words? Or 1,000 photos? What’s the value of spending two minutes every day, contemplating Life’s Big Choices? Tomorrow, for one week, Mid Life Celebration will pick the photo first, and then write the post. jeff noel has […]