When Your Life Changes

The thrill of the new year lasts about three weeks

Dorney Park roller coasters in winter


(photo: Dorney Park roller coasters at 4pm yesterday. It was 37 degrees.)

The thrill of the new year lasts about three weeks.

Your job as CEO of You, Inc., is to make this last indefinitely.

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He's Just Nutty

The Seasonal Pressure Is On

Work Often Follows Us Everywhere, Even A Cub Scout Campfire
Work Often Follows Us Everywhere, Even To A Cub Scout Campfire

It’s that time of year, the year end, that pressure mounts.

Are you feeling it?

What’s the antidote?

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Thanksgiving 2009

New Year’s Resolutions Past

New Year’s Resolutions from years past:

  • Set all clocks to same time (and the real time)
  • Eat more desserts
  • Loose weight
  • Exercise
  • Eat less desserts
  • Write a book
  • Start a website
  • Stop smoking
  • Make no new resolutions
  • See the Country
  • Call home more often
  • Write home more often
  • Stay in better touch with friends
  • Get a promotion
  • Stop drinking

Well, 11 out of 15 ain’t bad.

Thanksgiving 2009

West Orange Times

What motivates and inspires people to take action?  Words, and phrases.

Here a few from last Thursday’s West Orange Times.  Our small town newspaper is mailed once each week.  There was a center page section full (13 total) of ads.

  • Building Life-Changing Christian Relationships (Church)
  • WELLTRAX (Wellness Center)
  • Reinvent Yourself! (Education)
  • your next level (advertising)
  • Elevate Your Image (advertising)
  • Strengthen Your Brand (advertising)

Phrases and words have some sort of magical power to travel to the part of our brain that says, “You can do better.”

With New Year’s Eve six weeks away, people begin asking, “What can I do better?”

What is one of the craziest , or perhaps high impact New Year’s Resolutions you’ve ever made?

Thanksgiving 2009

Bring It On

Today.  This morning.  Right now.  Bring it on.

What does that mean? Who am I talking to?

First and foremost, I’m talking to myself.  Journaling is a world-class way to self-awareness.

Self-awareness is the most important step towards self-improvement.

My (life) pace does not lend itself to either.

Which is why I write five blogs every day.

What was once impossible, is now business as usual.