Sound Like You?

“After one has discovered what he is called for, he should set out to do it with all of the power that he has in his system. Do it as if God almighty ordained you at this particular moment in history to do it.”

Know who said that?

PS. This is the second post here today.  Scroll down for the first.

Carpe diem, jeff ūüôā

World-Class Benchmarking

Benchmarking.  Seeing, not how others do things, but more importantly, seeing how others think.

I am a serious bench-marker.   Way more than the average bear.

There will come a time when my (five) blogs have more sophisticated features. ¬†All good things take time. ¬†Rome wasn’t built overnight. ¬†I didn’t wake up one day and get to represent the United States at the WMA Master’s Track & Field World Championships. ¬†It took a decade.

Anyway, this blog caught my eye because of Trent’s 14 Money Rules. ¬†Click here to go to Trent’s blog. ¬†Scroll down a bit, its on the right side column.

Money, like our mind, body and spirit, need constant attention, otherwise we will not reach our potential.