Run, jeff, Run

Mind, Body, Spirit, Money, HQ. Life’s big decisions. Life’s big choices. I think about them, like many people do – in fact, just like you do. The big difference between having work-life balance, work-life wellness, is in the approach we take. This is a no-brainer. It’s that simple. If we take a casual approach, we […]

jeff noel quotes

Being inspired inspires others. Most humans like quotes. We enjoy the way a small sentence or quick thought can summarize the essence of a larger body of work. Some people are addicted to quotes, like me. And some people find themselves quotable. This is usually by design, and it is also the mark of someone […]

The Art of Compromise

Heard this phrase the other night, probably on the TV as I was walking though a room, and I wrote it down. “The art of compromise.” We can take guesses as to what this means, or we can simply make up our own meaning. That’s what I did, and came up with five different ways: […]

Indecision May Or May Not Be

“Indecision may or may not be my problem.” — Jimmy Buffett Ain’t it da truth? ¬†This is one of the many reasons I’ve been challenged to do a better job at living out my dreams. Please don’t get me wrong, most people have a pretty good batting average – we do many of the things […]