Almost there

Post it note with stereotypes
Brainstormed some stuff for tomorrow’s Keynote. Yes there’s a typo. Life happens.

Almost there.


To April Fools Day 2019.




Seems like yesterday.


Nearly a decade ago on April 1, 2009, the 100-day, self-imposed writer’s boot camp challenge began.


i realized i had made a promise to myself to write a book to our kids about the best things i learned in my life.

Not only that realization, but also the realization that 30 years had passed since the “promise” and the first sentence had not yet been written.

Note. The 11th year starts 69 days from today as i write this but only 11 days as today’s five posts go live.

i can’t imagine writing five daily, differently-themed blog posts, on five different websites, for a decade without missing a single day.

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