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Amazing quotes or insights from a Biblical or historical giant?

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From a person with 30+ years at a special place, including the past 15+ at his favorite


The 50 simple, common-sense, yes-or-no questions in Mid Life Celebration are not from some amazing quotes or insights from a Biblical or historical giant.

They are from a simple guy with a simple message:

Life is not a dress rehearsal. Live before you die.

The hope would be that every reader would have 50 ‘yeses’.

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Mid Life Celebration

One wish for everyone who read all five Mid Life Celebration’s blogs today

work life balance experts

One wish for everyone who read all five Mid Life Celebration’s blogs today…

May you find the courage and determination to do whatever you have to do, whenever you have to, whether you feel like it or not.

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Insight: Do those three things and your (bonus) check is in the mail!

Second Spring

We All Have Addictions

Are We Trained For Them?
Are We Trained For Them?

We all have addictions.

“No we don’t”, is the echo we can hear from some of you.

“Yes we do”, is the echo we can hear from some others, including myself.

Is it hereditary?  Click here to read this article that suggests it is.

Pick your poison:

Approval, chocolate, work, sex, TV, food, Internet, exercise, reading, pessimism, optimism, Love, Faith, Hope, Money, shopping, volunteering, excuses, greed, jealously, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, pain, pleasure, video games, gambling, competition, failure, success, nicotine, etc.

Nine Months Later

Only One On The Internet?


Being the Internet’s only Five-a-Day Blogger, there is a certain feeling of, well, it’s hard to describe.

It’s like finding yourself in a place you never dreamed of, but if you did dream of it, you’d think it would be:

  1. Impossible to achieve
  2. Impossible to maintain
  3. Crazy (but a good crazy)

Well, after writing 1,500 posts in the spontaneous, same-day format, I can’t stop myself.

In fact, some days I do need to stop myself.


Because I want to write more than one post per blog.  “That would be too much for the Internet community to read”, I think to myself.

And then it occurs to me, “What if it’s not?”

That’s today’s message.  As you are nearly two weeks into your new year, “How are you doing with your impossible goal?”

Nine Months Later

Actually This Is More Funny

Just to clarify, yesterday’s post was funny. In fact, it’s still funny.

But this is more funny:

Guess it’s not more funny, and what is “more funny” anyway. Sounds stupid.