The Flip Side

A previous post revealed the BFO, two days ago.  We should be focused and flexible.  Remember? Okay, so when everyone else is in a hurry, and your intuition tells you to slow down. And everyone keeps shouting, “Come on, let’s go”. You don’t budge. Does this make you inflexible, disagreeable, and stupid? Or does it […]

Unpolitically Correct

My neighbor served in Vietnam as a “Gunner“.  He operated the machine gun with the long chain of bullets that a second person had to constantly feed it.  He’s one of the sweetest, most gracious, and most caring men on the planet. He most likely is showing the signs of Agent Orange. This is not […]

Be Flexible, Be Focused

Be flexible and  focused.  Words to live by. And yet, sometimes I don’t want to be flexible.  There are times when intuition provides an obvious answer, and being flexible is out of the equation. However, there’s a paradox:  When you don’t think flexibility is an option, you look like you aren’t flexible. There are many […]

Can’t Win ‘Em All

But you can try.  Not every post I write is gonna make your day.  Yet I write with that intent. Walt Disney said, “Aim for perfection, settle for excellence”. Vince Lombardi said, “In chasing perfection, we will catch excellence”. jeff noel said, “If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough”. Better to try […]

What’s The Point?

Five blogs daily.  Every single day.  Seven days a week.  Week after week. Month after month. Maybe there’s something wrong with me.  Maybe there’s not. “Aren’t you cutting into your Family time”? Maybe. Maybe not.  When you’re highly motivated, creative and courageous, what can stop you from chasing your dreams. Wanna know a little known […]