September Has Been Interesting Because _______ .

September has been interesting because __________. Because jeff noel has finally come to the realization that very few people can actually keep up with the pace required for balancing life’s (5) big choices. Sad and exciting at the same time. Weird. Next Blog

The Only Measurable Thing We Have Control Over Is How Many Days In A Row We Refuse To Quit

Some decisions take much longer than we hoped. Some don’t. Life’s challenge is we have poor odds in predicting which is which. Either way, we have the choice to feel gratitude, or not – for the process and the outcome. About the only measurable thing we have control over is how many days in a […]

Mid Life Celebration’s jeff noel Is Based In One Of The Most Creative Think Tank Towns In The (Disney) World

With Summer officially over, Mid Life Celebration looks back and smiles gratefully for the intense thinking, creative dreaming, and indomitable will that led to a breakthrough. A critical, small-business-entrepreneur question was asked, then answered. This may not make sense at first (or ever) to you….jeff noel didn’t struggle with the answer, he struggled with finding […]

jeff noel Asks, Is This Annoying And Obvious Enough For You?

Should be getting Seth Godin’s latest book, “We Are All Weird”, in the mail today. (only 11k hardcopies published, but unlimited digital). The early book reviews imply weird is the new good important. (YAY!) Sure, it might be annoying, but it most likely isn’t obvious to most people engaged in social media. jeff noel doesn’t call out his obvious […]