Facebook Farce

Hate to admit it, but I haven’t been ‘organized’ enough to keep up with Facebook updates lately.

Between Spring projects, travel, Church, running, Cub Scouts, family time, writing, sleeping – it’s been challenging to keep up.

Not feeling obligatory pressure to keep up, it’s simply more of a commitment to stay informed with Friends’ lives.

Have about 250 Facebook Friends, purposefully keeping the number ‘small’.

Sixty Friends have ‘Liked’ Mid Life Celebration’s Fan Page, after numerous status updates, asking for their support. The other (almost half) supporters are people I’ve never met.

Maybe it’s a Facebook farce? This feeling that commitment is questionable. Or that no one notices.

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Mid Life Celebration Facebook Page

Mid Life Celebration Fan Page Debuted 01.01.11
Mid Life Celebration Fan Page Debuted 01.01.11

Balance IS hard when you up the ante to 5 things, not 2 or 3. We all know instinctively, balance is where it’s at. The bulls-eye. The holy grail. Elusive. Impossible?

Come along for a heretical view at what it takes, what’s at stake, and how your life can be so much more fulfilling and enriched.

Yeah, it’s gonna cost you. A click. That’s it. Or over on the right column. No one on the Internet writes about balance this way. It’s your new, safe place to think differently, better.

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