If cavemen and cavewomen would have had apps, this would have been the best one

  A Caveman app that would allow for carrying hot coals to the next location, for the next fire. Having excellent personal responsibility is like hitting the lottery. Fire protects (scares wild things away), enhances (warms on a cold night), unites (think campfire and cooking), and yet it also destroys (think forest fire). And we […]

The Truth Hurts

The truth hurts. The truth can also set us free. “Yeah, yeah, whatever!” Can’t you just hear people saying this, or thinking it?  I say it too.  We all do sometimes. In fact, I’ve said this all my life. “Yeah, yeah, whatever.” Until a few years ago when things began to change. One close friend […]

Life Is Good @ 1 Push Up A Day

Life Is Good if you can do one push up per day.  Do that for a week.  Then, the next week, do two push ups per day. Continue to add one push up per day, for every week since you started. Oh wait, I can already read your mind, “This is stupid”. If I fail […]

Professional Speaker

Professional Speaker. That’s what I do.  I talk and people listen. How scary is that? Pretty scary.   Everyone staring at you, expecting you to be smart and funny. Because I’m hard-wired for excellence, I’m always looking for ways to become smarter and funnier. You know, to become a better Professional Speaker. I’ve taken to […]

Dude, You’re in Incredible Shape!

Vince said, “Dude, you’re in incredible shape”. Shirtless, I stopped by the front office after my training run early this morning, sweating profusely from the tropical Florida humidity.  I wanted to check on something my wife was working on for next year. The office manager and I were talking when Vince made his comment. Vince […]