West Orlando WordPress Meetup

Rob Watson orlando wordpress expert
Last night at West Orlando WordPress meetup.

West Orlando WordPress Meetup last night had nine attendees including the two organizers, Rob and Hope, pictured above.

Rob and i officially began working together yesterday morning (8am-12pm) at my (home) office.

This is big because i’ve wanted a personal technology tutor/advisor since 2008. There are two people i admire and respect from the Orlando (downtown) WordPress meetup, but neither one drives. So meeting with Rob a few times (including a recent trip to Magic Kingdom) and concluding he’s “the one” is a breakthrough for my business.

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Downtown Orlando canvs is organized to help start ups succeed

Orlando canvs meeting space


Orlando canvs meeting space


(photo: This space was once part of Orlando’s biggest night time entertainment district – Church Street Station.)

Your dreams. The ones (or maybe only one) you dream about all the time. The one you are currently dusting off. The one you are actively chasing with all your heart and soul. That one. What’s next?

Organized enough to arrive early to a new type of meeting space in downtown Orlando. It’s called canvs.

Thanks to David Laietta for organizing the Orlando WordPress community around this.

A side benefit of being organized?

Networking with people like James, Necole and Chris.

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