Reliable home life mediocrity

Sleeping Beauty's Castle


Reliable home life mediocrity.

It’s insanely challenging to live lean – ┬áto reduce, reuse, or recycle what we no longer need.

Our emotional attachment to the memories, or the hopes, for certain things slowly poisons our soul.

Mediocrity becomes acceptable because so few are willing to take the risk to shed the unessentials.

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Today and tomorrow are incredibly busy

Middle School playground


(photo: Lunchtime yesterday was a small bag of trail mix, doing nothing – just observing the students play at lunch.)

The Christmas ‘photo-card’ arrived. Addressed to Cheryl. A nice photo of the couple who sent it.

On the beautiful photo is a printed holiday message including the specific words, Merry Christmas.

Nice touch.

Would it have been more appropriate (to who’s standard) to use, Happy Holidays?

However if your life revolves around the birth, life, and death of Jesus, Happy Holidays falls flat.

Without any effort, a revelation.

How many years have we sent really nice cards?

Beautiful cards.

Sent to everyone we could think of.

Yet because there were so many, it was all we could do to get them addressed, let alone write something personal.

For all those years this was us. So sorry.

Merry Christmas.

(sorry for not being more personal… there’s a lot to do today) (and even more to do tomorrow)

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Are you able to be excellent every single day?

It’s incredibly challenging to be excellent every single day.

I mean, who could pull that off, every single day?

But this begs the question, “Then why continue to try to be excellent every single day, even though we know it’s impossible?”

Michael Jordan did not make every last-second shot he took (to win).

And those many times he missed, his team lost.

But he continued to take the potential game winning shot.

Challenging. Challenge. Challenger.

Which will you be?

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