i am committed to taking the high road

American Bald Eagle near Walt Disney World
In yesterday’s email, i shared that i am committed to taking the high road.


Fifty days into the 100-day self-imposed writer’s bootcamp that began on April Fools’s Day 2009, i went to the pair of three-ringed binders in my closet for inspiration.

Inside each binder contains six months (at one page per day, 183 pages each) of wisdom i collected between my high school years (1974-1977), college years (1977-1983) and my earlier years at Disney World (1984-1999).

The original book idea was to publish one of those “page-a-day” motivational wisdom books as a legacy to my children.

On May 20, 2009, i found a photocopied item in one of the binders that seemed appropriate, so i typed it into WordPress and posted it. By the way, the photocopy was old and inaccurate, attributing the item to anonymous. There was no cut and paste from a website and there was no checking for authenticity on Google. i was new to the Internet and the Internet was like the wild west – most companies in 2009 did not have a social media policy for their employees.


Because the newly-found ease and unprecedented proliferation of social sharing – of anything and everything – combined for a perfect storm of ambiguity.

Meanwhile, that 100-day challenge, which i did not expect to successfully complete (because of previously failed attempts to write consistently) turned into something i could have never dreamt up.

It continued on the 101st day and hasn’t stopped. Not even for a single day.

That was nearly eight years ago and over 2,700 blog posts at Mid Life Celebration. When you add the other four daily blogs i write, i have over 12,000 posts on the Internet.

One post out of 2,700 (or 12,000+) does not make for a premeditated effort to infringe on anything.




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Short lived Twitter profile – July 3, 2014 – one day only

Amazon page Rank screen shot
Publications are an important ingredient and another thing to worry about


How often do we think about our social media presence?

How often should we?

If we aren’t in business, then the answer is obvious. If we are in business, the answer is not as obvious.

Senior leaders generally see social media as an annoying and frustrating addition to their busy schedules.

Our customers embrace social media and we want to embrace what they embrace.

So this past week has been spent experimenting:

Uncommonly affordable and remarkably valuable Orlando based keynote speaker. Prefers delivering opening or closing keynotes. Also available for breakout sessions.


Orlando motivational speaker to one-million+. Founder Mid Life Celebration. Challenging Boomers to do something great before they die. Disney since ’82.


Orlando based motivational speaker to over one-million people worldwide – a massive list of esteemed A-Listers and Fortune 500’s.


Orlando speaker, author is changing the way Boomers think about regret, second chances, and opportunity.

Standing out doesn’t fall from the sky. Nor is it a one-time effort.

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June 2014 LinkedIn profile for posterity

Mickey Mouse and jeff noel at Disney Speaking Event
Who dat?


What is our obligation to continuously improve? And what metrics do we use to evaluate our efforts versus the potential return?

Without experimentation and risk taking all we’re left with is the regret of “what-if”. What follows is the complete version of an older profile:



Balancing two serious jobs. One with a big, famous company. One with a small, loving Family.

Same person shows up at both.


Been like that 55 years.

Google your name. Happy with your results? Privacy is gone for good. The keyboard won’t be around much longer either.

The Internet has replaced the exchange and organization of paper business cards and resumes with the digital equivalent.

International professional speaker to a million people.

Bottom line goal: see you reach yours.

The clearer we are about what we want, the more remarkable the results.

Transforming things using the tools of nature – paradox, questions, and the basics.

Servant, husband, dad, son, brother, uncle, neighbor, leader, author, speaker, runner.

Aggressively unfancy.

Work is only work if you’d rather be doing something else, and truly, the work day begins the night before. Can’t wait for the alarm clock to go off every morning.

Allergic to most pollens, whiners, and mediocrity.



To be crystal clear and not blur any lines, speaking full time for DisneyInstitute.com and separately and entrepreneurially for MidLifeCelebration.com (content is entirely different, completely distinct).


Prudent to note social media is embraced by great organizations. Why? Because customers have embraced social media, and great companies (small or large) embrace what customers embrace.

Any Internet savvy professional knows Google destroys any notion of privacy. Authenticity is the new currency. Live your life so that if someone ever said anything bad about you, no one would believe it.

Sooner or later it becomes crystal clear, life is not a dress rehearsal.

Live like you mean it.

At work. At home.


All day.


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The most beautiful chairs in the world are…

chair images
Mid Life Celebration began in 1979 with a simple chair


It’s a process… the whole notion of building a brand


Social media badges
The first MLC social media badge (random creation)


We must be intentional if we are determined to be decently organized.

Well, we don’t have to be.

Now imagine if you were in charge of creating a brand that would stand for something remarkably desirable.

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Being organized also includes being organized digitally

Social Media.org conference at Walt Disney World
Social Media.org conference at Walt Disney World


Being organized also includes being organized digitally.

While it’s often impossible to visit someone’s dwelling, it is the absolute opposite in the digital world.

How quickly we reply to email, social media platform messaging systems, and whether we followback are all directly linked to how organized we are.

Not embracing social media?

The world is moving in this direction.

Resist change?

Good luck with that.

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