Stuff does this really bad thing to us

grandfather clocks
from this downtown New Orleans French Quarter hotel lobby… upstairs to…
room with a view
from this hotel conference room window…
living day to day
street people carrying with them what they own (most likely)

Stuff does this really bad thing to us. It weighs us down. It inhibits us from living in the moment. We are too busy worrying about all the things we need to clean, store, use, collect, give away, donate, move, and/or potentially use (which is literally never going to happen).

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Can we be organized enough to feel like we’ve finally arrived?

we’d even stuff things in the rafters if we could reach

Boomers spend their lives accumulating things. We use closets, boxes, shelves, attics, garages, sheds, etc.

What do we plan to do with all of it?

Well done my friend, you’ve read all five Mid Life Celebration posts today in under two minutes. Yet the thinking can positively influence you all day.

Why have I written five daily, differently themed posts for four consecutive years? It’s simple, my only goal is to see you reach yours.