Mid March Timeout

Yep, some things at first glance don't seem to make sense.

In two short weeks on April 1, 2012, Mid Life Celebration, LLC will have posted five different, daily blogs for 156 consecutive weeks. Yep, three straight years, 1096 days. Thank you, Son, for inspiring me to make that innocent, but life changing 100-day challenge to overcome my writing inertia.

Insight: Life’s defining moments often arrive dressed in a pair of overalls, labeled hard work, no guarantees.

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Getting Organized

Life is so darn challenging sometimes. Actually, it’s more like a daily conflict.

So many things competing for our time and attention. Who’s got time to slow down and think. You?

It’s the insidious time-starved epidemic of Western Civilization. And it’s impacted me too. When March arrives tomorrow, I’ll have been planning a bold move for some time.

Spring has sprung…

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