Is it possible to organize our stress?

NYC graveyard
Death is fair and inclusive because no one is denied. So what is there to stress about?


Is it possible to organize our stress?

Do we have ways to decompress, put on hold, creatively solve for, and even enjoy our stress?

What if we did?


What if?

Would it change everything?

How could it not?

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Why hyper-manage things?

Theater screen
Some things just don’t seem to make sense at first glance.


The secret to being decently organized at home is to hyper-manage the things most others are either slothful at or they disregard those things completely.

Harsh? Not on purpose.

Direct? Um, probably.

Inspiring? Depends on our attitude regarding personal responsibility.

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Are you able to be excellent every single day?

It’s incredibly challenging to be excellent every single day.

I mean, who could pull that off, every single day?

But this begs the question, “Then why continue to try to be excellent every single day, even though we know it’s impossible?”

Michael Jordan did not make every last-second shot he took (to win).

And those many times he missed, his team lost.

But he continued to take the potential game winning shot.

Challenging. Challenge. Challenger.

Which will you be?

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