No inbox emails allowed to carry over?

Sanibel Island Sunset 2015
Last night’s first sunset. We were late to the party.


No inbox emails allow to carry over?

Crazy goal, and always reminded that if your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough.

This morning marks the completion of three consecutive and successful days.

Update October 13, 2015: It’s been over 10o consecutive days. No one is more stunned than me. It was only to last while we spent eight days at the beach.

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Over-manage the same things others don’t

Disney Customer Service Keynote Speaker
Disney’s Cinderella Castle. One face is red with rage and the other is green with envy.


Yesterday, my birthday, was really cool because it included a trip to the bank to deposit a paycheck.

Over-manage the same things others either under-manage or ignore.

That is Disney’s business secret.

That is my personal secret.

The difference between under-managing and over-managing is what it takes to be world-class.

Confidence doesn’t fall from the sky. It’s built and reinforced, one thought, or one blog post, at a time.

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Over-managing the things everyone else does

Mickey Mouse being kissed by two women
Mickey can become a little embarrassed when certain things happen.


Disney Institute Speakers
Some of Disney Institute’s finest speakers (except 2nd from right), maybe 2012


Over-managing the same things most under-manage or ignore.

For example, certain traits that Disney is famous for.

Having Disney characters express the full range of human emotions, like Mickey Mouse above.

Having humans express the opposite of typical business emotions, like me above.

Walt taught me us that laughter is no enemy to learning.

Walt said we should take what we do very seriously, but that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously.

PS. i’m naturally drawn to over achieve. My goal was to get Mike Reardon, far right, to laugh.

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Can you feel the stress and pressure?

Epcot monorail and Spaceship Earth


(photo: The walk from Epcot’s parking lot to Japan – for lunch -and back is great exercise)

So much stress and pressure in the world.

Can you feel it?

What if we didn’t exercise regularly? And what if we weren’t decently organized? Or what if we were influenced by too many negative thoughts and people? What if our spirit felt lacking or empty. What if we didn’t like our job.

So yeah, the pressure and stress?


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