What Makes Living Close GREAT?

Living close to The Walt Disney World Resort and all the Disney Theme Parks has certain benefits. How could it not?

One of them is the opportunity to visit often. Having a pass that lets you visit any day of the year, all year, is one of the coolest things.

With the cooler Central Florida temperatures arriving, locals with annual Disney Passes are enjoying Disney Parks more often.  Just like my Family has been doing.

Walt Disney World Birthday

Walt Disney World Birthday.  Disney World, in Florida, turns 38 today.

My wife and I, married 26 years, grew up in Pennsylvania, watching Walt Disney  (the person) on TV Sunday nights.

Cheryl and I didn’t become friends until we were about 20 years old.

We also didn’t know that in 1984, we’d move to Central Florida and call it home. Or that Walt Disney would be an integral part of our lives.

And even more amazing, we didn’t know we’d buy a nice lot and build our dream home within view of the nightly Magic Kingdom fireworks.