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Montana wildflowers known as Beargrass.
You again.

What are the best ways to drive incredible creativity, remarkable innovation, and best-in-class marketing?

If you were on a big-time game show and the correct answer to this question would win you one-million Euros, how would you answer?

Remember, this is for a million Euros.

You could really use the money. We all could use that kind of financial gift.

And you could finally take that luxury trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Amazing thought, right?

You are frantically running through every business book, article, video, and class you ever encountered and you are drawing a mental blank.

Oh no!

Time is almost up.

One-million glorious Euros are waiting for your answer so they can go home with you.

Then the buzzer.

“Ahhh, I’m sorry dear contestant, time is up.”

The correct answer is…

Creativity, innovation, and marketing are all driven by two foundational business concepts – leadership and customer service.

Maybe it’s so foundational that we take it for granted.

Common sense.

A blinding flash of the obvious.

Who knew?

We all know once we do the math and connect the dots.

Yet in the absence of great leadership and extraordinary customer service, all efforts are destined to be underwhelming.

A great leader inspires a clear, concise, and compelling vision of the future. A future that is not only better than now but much better than now.

Vision is what gives purpose and meaning to everything you do. Without purpose and meaning, staff are paralyzed creatively because there is not enough passion to do the work like it matters.

Reason Why from Madrid.

Note: wrote article for this European news organization two months ago, and the link goes to the most recent and i was unable to find it in a search.

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