Dear LinkedIn

  Orlando-based Disney Keynote Speaker. The perfect compliment to your Orlando conference. A 30-year Disney & Disney Institute veteran. If you admire Disney, are driven to be the best, and are willing to invest in yourself and your Company…text me at 407-538-4341 to set up a call you’ll never regret. i promise. Or, simply Google “Disney […]

The speaker’s job is to offer everyone a wheel

Picture a caveman with a wheel-shaped stone offering the stone to two other caveman who are strenuously pushing a heavy object, “Hey, would you guys like to use this?” Now picture the two cavemen straining from their efforts, saying, “No thanks, we’re too busy.” The speaker’s job is to offer everyone a wheel. Next Blog

June 2014 LinkedIn profile for posterity

  What is our obligation to continuously improve? And what metrics do we use to evaluate our efforts versus the potential return? Without experimentation and risk taking all we’re left with is the regret of “what-if”. What follows is the complete version of an older profile: _______________ Different. Balancing two serious jobs. One with a big, […]

Just Give Up, OK?

How often do you feel like giving up?  Like quitting? Like what you do doesn’t matter? That the effort is too much, the payoff too little? Received an email today. Compelled to share it.  And it wasn’t from a blog conversation, but a LinkedIn connection. We connected, like people do, and I sent a personal […]