Disney Photo Pass

Captured today’s photographer in action.

Disney Photo Pass.

At Disney.

Taking photos.

Having a “pass” to access the opportunity.

What’s the pass?

Living less than a mile from Walt Disney World and having a lifetime Cast Member ID card in my pocket.

Live like you mean it.

On it.

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She doesn’t want her children to hate her after she’s gone

app screen
No app exists for making junk disappear, or even for identifying what to keep and what to purge.


Stunning, remarkable long-distance conversation this week.

She said she is dedicating the next year to clearing out her house of all the accumulated stuff.

She doesn’t want her children to hate her after she’s gone.

She has been quietly inspired by a book’s message that being decently organized is a personal responsibility and that no one should leave behind a crazy mess that others have to clean up.

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What’s your impossible dream?

Reams Roas Disney property
Google map the address 12540 Reams Rd Windermere, FL


What seems incredible to friends and family is the proximity to Walt Disney World.

What seems impossible, is the lifetime mountain lifetime of work one would have to do.

People visit Walt Disney World to make their dreams come true.

Some of them get there by jogging.

Whenever they want.

Lucky ducks.

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Yes, being organized and balancing life is art

iAqualink is a great pool app
Art is a great app that changes everything


Yes, being organized and balancing life is art.

Doing this for a lifetime makes one an expert artist.

There is no judging panel.

We know in our hearts if what we’re doing stretches us. And adds value to the world – even if just one person.

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Regret Is Awesome

Yesterday, as I was adding some tags to the blog post, I typed Regret. That word came to mind because it was the key driver in the decision to ride a bicycle across the country. Or not.

If I didn’t do it before I settled down and started a career somewhere, I knew I would probably never have the chance again.

Job, career, marriage, house, bills, family, kids, responsibilities, worries, challenges, health, cars, vacations, promotions, yada yada.

And so on October 5, 1982, with $75 in my pocket, I left Philadelphia for Washington State.

Regret is awesome.  Otherwise, I would never have left.