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Always consider the source. Has it, or have they, stood the test of time?

Yesterday’s post reminded me (it’s ridiculously easy to forget) that hard work is the key to success. But working hard to achieve our goals isn’t the first step.

Insight: Most of what we think is important is from osmosis. This is dangerous if our sources haven’t figured out the basics.

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Go, Or Go Home

Midlife Celebration knows we're all going to die sometime

Midlife Celebration is certain about one thing. All of us will die sometime. Should we avoid thinking about our own death? Should we fear it? Should we try to hide from death?

jeff noel thinks every aging Baby Boomer ought to put up or shut up. Sure that’s a bit brutal. So is heart disease. Go. Live, before you die. Because if we don’t, we might as well just go home and turn on the TV and stick our heads in the sand.

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Go Ahead And Look Somewhere Else, jeff noel Will Be Here When Those Other Things You Try Don’t Work

Life is a highway, a path, we travel on every day.
Life's Big Choices can be deceptively difficult to discern
Life's Big Choices when we are afraid to decide for fear of being wrong
Life's Big Choices when "everything's important"

Boomers, if you’re like jeff noel was in his 40’s, you can’t decide what Life’s Big Choices are so you do one of two things:

  1. Make everything important
  2. Procrastinate and not make anything a priority

Obviously, even if we choose not to decide, we still have made a choice.

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What’s The Value Of One Single Photograph? A Thousand Words?

Midlife Celebration's jeff noel Is Trying A Fresh Approach For One Week

What is the value of a single photograph? Or the value of a solitary word? What about 1,000 words? Or 1,000 photos? What’s the value of spending two minutes every day, contemplating Life’s Big Choices? Tomorrow, for one week, Mid Life Celebration will pick the photo first, and then write the post. jeff noel has never done it this way before.

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