2 Reasons Boomers Should Focus On Doing Something Great Before They Die

Midlife Baby Boomers are the bridge from the past to the future

The top 2 reasons Baby Boomers should do something great before they die:

  1. To provide a blanket of peace when we take our final breaths
  2. To show younger generations the way, by our example

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Baby Boomers Have 3 Options For Doing Something Great As They Pass Through Midlife

Boomers have a tendency to flounder, when all they have to do is do the right thing.

Boomers have three types of greatness they can pursue, all carrying, in my humble opinion, the same magnitude of effort and results.

  1. As big as raising money until a cure is found for an incurable disease
  2. As small as mend an important relationship before it’s too late
  3. Something in between

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What Ought To Be A No Brainer For A Smart Midlife Baby Boomer Becomes A Monumental Decision

Blinding flash of the obvious or just sweep it under the rug?

With (most likely) only two choices, what ought to be a no brainer decision for a midlife Baby Boomer becomes this monumental task to decide:

  • The Blinding Flash of the Obvious
  • Continuing on the Path to Unfulfilled Living

To me, this is the most exciting part of midlife ever created – the Baby Boomer’s second chance to do something great.

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