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A ‘blind spot’ people have told me about, “You’ll talk to anybody”…

What’s your biggest fear? Statistics claim it’s public speaking. And it’s true, unless you are talking about something you are passionate about.

As an Orlando-based Professional Keynote Speaker, the real magic happens when I’m one-on-one with another person.

It never fails, when I describe the summary of The Blog Whisperer, and Life’s Big Choices, there’s never been a single person who thought the idea was unfounded.

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Dear Son

Years Of Preparation

Reading to Chapin & Jack (teddy bear), 2005…

These jeffrey noel, aka The Blog Whisperer, blog posts, are reaching an unprecedented two-year milestone on April 1st.

April Fool’s Day, 2009. A simple “Father-to-Son” promise in the form of a 100-day challenge to write in five themed blogs. Everyday. For 100 days straight.

Five blogs themed around Life’s Big Choices, and a late-blooming Father’s attempt to leave a trail for his young son, in case something bad ever happened unexpectedly.

Are you planning on living forever?

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When Your Life Changes


(December 28, 2010) This welcome post now resides here.

(December 17, 2010) Returning visitors, please scroll past this long message for today’s post.

New folks, this is a mini The Internet’s Only Five-a-Day Bloggermanifesto. Otherwise, expect short, pithy posts on Mind, Body, Spirit, Money & HQ. All posts end with a hyperlink to quickly go to the next blog. You’ll see. No one else writes this way. Everyday, in 2 minutes, you get 5 different nuggets – a radical look at “balance”.

Film Shoot For FIFA World Cup 2010
Early 2010 – Film Shoot For FIFA World Cup

Remember, this is a long get-to-know-me post….then you might get addicted to short & pithy…let’s get started…

Most humans dream of living a well-balanced life, one with meaning and purpose, with no regrets.

Sadly, most don’t.

Is that what led you here?

Hello, welcome, I’m jeff noel from Orlando, Florida. Here are a few things to know to help you decide to stay, or not:

Bottom line, I’m a simple guy, with a simple message.

No garbage. No hype. Real life in real time. Safe for the little ears too.

But by no means is the bar set low. In fact, impossible goals are the only ones worth pursuing. Seriously.

As The Internet’s Only Five-a-Day Blogger, each morning I write five differently-themed blogs, challenging you to, “Live, before you die“.

Every life has five big choices to make. Daily. How you decide to balance your Mind, Body, Spirit, Money, and HQ makes all the difference between living with regret and need, or living with peace and abundance.

The Internet is saturated with gurus who can tell you how to make a lot of money, or how to get healthy, or how to pray, or how to lead, or how to organize your life.

My approach is different. And simple.

The essence here is that we are all on our own unique journey. A very special journey, and a compelling purpose only we can fulfill.

I’m here to help you make common sense, common practice.

If not now, when?

Live, before you die.

** A couple helpful tips for you. **

Each Post ends with “Next Blog“. At any time you can click on the word Blog, in bold and containing a hyperlink, to go to the next differently-themed blog.

Mostly, the posts are short and pithy. Quick, easy to read. Often open-ended.

Generally, it takes about 2 minutes to navigate all five daily blog posts. But it may take all day for the pithiness to subside.

Your other option is to scroll down to read more posts, and click “Next Blog” whenever you’re ready to jump to the next blog – each blog contains over 600 thought-provoking posts, with well over 3,000 posts total. All free.

Random me: I’ve been to hell and back. Overcome disability and addiction. Am working, for the 27th year, at a world-class organization. Married 27 years, with a son (10) and yellow Lab puppy. Being solar-powered, I love palm trees and sunshine. Beginners luck runs in my Family. My big goal in life is to become the kind of person our Dog thinks I am. And before settling into the corporate world, I did a solo bicycle trek across the United States.

Fanatical Inspiration

2,000 Blog Posts?

Life's Big Choices
Life's Big Choices

Not any more.

Passed 2,000 blog posts today.

The way it seems, there are only two others blogging more prolifically:

  1. Perez Hilton
  2. Seth Godin

Weird.  Lots of weird stuff in the past few days.  When you begin to read all five, everyday, you’ll see how everything in life is linked.

You’ll satisfy your curiosity, in real time, for how an ordinary person lives an extra-ordinary life. Not because of any special gifts or talents, but simply using focus and discipline.

Effort and focus in one area pays dividends in another. Lack of focus in one area, negatively impacts another.

Sorry, you already know that.

PS. This is why there are five daily blogs: MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, MONEY and HQ (headquarters).

Thanksgiving 2009

No, It’s Not!

Everything can’t be important. Period.  It can’t be.

What’s a person to do?  I mean, to sort through it all and come out with a prioritized list?

Here’s what I did:

  • Sorted to four big life choices
  • Prioritized top ten lists for the big four
  • Work desperately hard every day
  • Exercise focus & discipline
  • Remember my purpose in life

While it ain’t perfect, it is light years ahead of my old daily structure. Life is a journey.

“He who is not busy being born, is busy dying.” – Bob Dylan

If you would like to share, either in the comments here or via confidential email at You are always welcome to do so.