A Word Of Caution If You’re New Here…

Authenticity is the new currency, and it’s rare. You’ll find a gold mine here. But you’ll have to work hard if you want to change something important in your life. I guarantee if you invest 30 days reading all 5 blogs jeff noel writes each morning, your life will begin to change. There is nothing […]

One Must Decide On: Just Okay, Good, Very Good or Excellent

Somewhere along the way, a line was drawn in the sand. Mr. Steinway and his sons at some point had to decide if their pianos would be: Excellent Very Good Good Just Okay And so it goes with us. Our attitude, health, spirit, career, and life’s administration. Next Blog

The Classroom Is My Workshop, The Place I Feel The Most At Home

Pull up a chair, or have a seat on the floor, wherever you learn best. The five key areas where metrics help guide you: Mind – think (our brain) Body – move (our body) Spirit – feel (our emotions) Money – earn (our job) HQ – organize (our dwelling) There is an art to simplification […]