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Disney Institute Sponsorship Program AV Check
Disney Institute Sponsorship Program AV Check, near Houston, two months before retiring.


To everyone who has ever dejectedly said to themselves, “Never in a million years”…

Totally get it.

It’s okay.

No really.

It is.

At some point, wouldn’t it be great to no longer believe it?

Boldness has genius.

Created a (writing) challenge that seemed impossible, and was a last ditch effort to silence the echo of, “Never in a million years”.

One hundred days was an insane goal.

Could a person be organized enough to make it happen?

No way it would ever work.

But what if i could just focus doing it one day at a time?

Just worry about today.


And tomorrow, do it again.

And then a miracle happened, one day at a time grew and grew.

It grew from unexpectedly reaching 100 days to…. 2,190… and counting…

Today is the final day of the sixth consecutive year of daily blogging.

Five differently themed blog posts.

365 x 6 years = 2,190

Just  a thought, no, a wish really – for you…

Please consider rethinking how you want to destroy, “Not in a million years”.

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Book publishing

i sucked at writing and to make matters worse…

Disney busses and Disney traffic
The days and the miles go by one by one.


i sucked at writing and to make matters worse…lied for 30 years about writing a book.

How is that even remotely possible?

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Are You?

These lies repeat themselves like a broken record

Sleeping Beauty Castle
The good news is that we are not locked away in the highest room.


The notion the future holds better circumstances for us to become more organized is like the notion that eventually we will be stress free.

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Book publishing

How many times have we told this lie to others?

Seattle cross walk
Everyone is waiting, but not patiently


How many times have we told this lie to others?

We promise something is on the very near horizon, but never get it done. Never ship.

Getting closer to what I promised years ago was soon to come.

Day by day.

Dear readers, there is no turning back now.

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When Your Life Changes

This morning would have been perfect for a big fat lie

photo of unique meeting room names
none of these describe this morning’s emotions

Many of us weigh ourselves each morning, or at least semi-frequently. It’s prudent. It can also provide some guidance (even reward) on how we should manage our meal choices for the day.

Tipped the scale at a weight higher than I can remember in the past ten years.

This morning would have been perfect for a big fat lie.

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