Blaming Lee Cockerell for this

AV check at Marriott's Orlando World Center
AV check at Marriott’s Orlando World Center


AV check at Marriott's Orlando World Center
Yesterday’s AV check at Marriott’s Orlando World Center


Disney Leadership Keynote Speaker jeff noel
Just getting started.


Disney Leadership Keynote Speaker
Gave Barb a copy yesterday even though she didn’t ask.


During yesterday’s speech there was a moment where recognition was highlighted. And in the moment, raced to the back corner of the stage and grabbed from the small backpack the world’s best leadership book, Creating Magic: Ten Common Sense Leadership Strategies From A Life At Disney, by Lee Cockerell.

Told the Fortune 150 audience that the only reason i was standing in front of them now was because of Lee Cockerell.

Not a hard sell. Rather a seed planted for them on their executive leadership journey. And a small attempt to repay Lee for my biggest post Disney career break.

Insight: Was organized enough to have the book handy should an opportunity present itself.

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Lee Cockerell’s Time Management Magic book is brilliant

Lee Cockerell's Time Management Magic book
Read a few chapters  yesterday from a dock on Lake Mabel, which borders Walt Disney World.


Lee Cockerell's Time Management Magic book
Read the first two chapters yesterday from MLC HQ desk.


Lee Cockerell is a time management deity.

If Lee’s Time Management Magic book doesn’t (finally) inspire you to change, nothing will.

Read Lee Cockerell’s newest book yesterday.

There is not a more practical, more real book on the subject anywhere.

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Being world class organized is essential to Disney’s success

Lee Cockerell's new book Time Management Magic
Each of us would literally drop what we are doing to help the other.


Lee Cockerell, Executive Vice President (retired and inspired), Walt Disney World Operations, is as good as they get.

In my 30+ years (’82 – ’14) at Disney, he’s the best operational leader i’ve seen.


His third book, Time Management Magic is available now.

Dear Son, what’s also Magic is how your dad has gone from being an insignificant Cast Member among the 40k Lee led for a decade at Disney, to being on his short list of people he trusts.

And it happened organically, unintentionally.

Never an ulterior motive.

By accident, really.

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The biggest moments are often the most unexpected

Lee Cockerell and jeff noel at Disney Legacy Award presentation
Events beyond our wildest dreams stem from many small, random life moments (photo: Michelle Sindy)


The biggest moments are often the most unexpected. Sound familiar?

If not for a few short emails (over a couple years – a decade ago) telling Lee what a great job his son was doing, and how Dan was growing as a leadership guest speaker, we may never have spoken, let alone have him show up here.

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Lee Cockerell Creating Magic

Lee Cockerell wrote Creating Magic last year.  Lee spent a lifetime studying leadership and perfecting leadership.  He was also the Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Operations.  Lee Cockerell knows leadership.  His book is brilliant.  But you probably won’t find it in an airport bookstore though.  I’ve been searching airport bookstores the world over.  Try Amazon, or go directly to Lee’s site.