Speech’s key message points

Speech’s key message points: Excellence can and should be expected all the time, every time. Great leaders can and should be deeply embedded at every level of your organization. Over-focus on details others under-focus on or ignore. Have a clear, concise, compelling vision of the future. Migrate everyone from compliant to committed. Shift from assumptions to […]

Leadership Commitment challenges

Leadership commitment challenges has a different context here than it does at Lane8.org (today).  The context here is how you lead after the honeymoon effect wears off. There’s always excitement and high hopes when things are new and shiny. We easily rise to the occasion; whether it’s a promotion, a new initiative being rolled out, a corporate merger […]

What’s your next impossible that you can’t wait to do?

In yesterday’s jeffnoel.com post you saw a bunch of photos with Disney’s Pluto. What opens up for me when i know someone’s favorite character is the opportunity to go the extra inch. The extra inch is a Disney concept that i operationalized while speaking at Disney Institute. Most of my colleagues didn’t see the insane consultative […]

Who we’re targeting for organizational vibrancy

  Our audience: CEO CNO CFO VP Administrator, Sister property CMO In Patient Nursing Marketing & Business Development Quality & Compliance Admin Director Finance HR Leader (unable to attend) Admin Director of Clinical Service Admin Director of Ancillary Services Culture & Organizational Effectiveness Director Head Chaplin (not officially on Exec Council) Three Guests from sister property […]