Who’s the most important member of your home team?

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There’s that egg one more time.


Who’s the most important member of your home team?

It’s whoever makes your bed every morning.


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Leader or waiter (pick one)?

procrastination quote
Replace writer with leader.


If you wait for inspiration to be a leader, you’re not a leader, you’re a waiter.

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Being world class organized is essential to Disney’s success

Lee Cockerell's new book Time Management Magic
Each of us would literally drop what we are doing to help the other.


Lee Cockerell, Executive Vice President (retired and inspired), Walt Disney World Operations, is as good as they get.

In my 30+ years (’82 – ’14) at Disney, he’s the best operational leader i’ve seen.


His third book, Time Management Magic is available now.

Dear Son, what’s also Magic is how your dad has gone from being an insignificant Cast Member among the 40k Lee led for a decade at Disney, to being on his short list of people he trusts.

And it happened organically, unintentionally.

Never an ulterior motive.

By accident, really.

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It’s lonely, and, a huge responsibility

Walt Disney World sunset


(photo: Last night on the way home, at the red light by the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress.)

Being organized and focused and disciplined.

Being creative, hopeful, driven.

Being fearless, with some practical constraints, from representing one of the world’s most admirable companies.

These are characteristics of people who are labeled crazy, weird, misfits, outcasts.

Being compelled to ask questions everyone should have ready answers too, but when asked, leaders become quiet, embarrassed, and even quietly angry.

Yeah, it’s lonely.

And a huge responsibility.

Question – is it worth it?

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Ok I Gotta Say This

But not sure how.  It’s kinda deep, and yet it’s not. It’s important, but most don’t see it.

Why? because people are afraid.  Fear is a survival tactic that was bestowed on early humans to help them avoid being eaten. What caveman wouldn’t want that?

Want you to know, upfront, that this has only been a revelation in the last year or so for me. And it is the five-a-day blog writing that has awakened the truth. And the truth is, most of us lack courage.

There are true alpha dogs in the human pack, but not nearly as many as you might think.  I digress.

Ever listen to people offering advice about what’s important? Next time listen more closely.

Do you hear them using their own examples, struggles, triumphs,? Or do they use someone else’s?  Or maybe no examples at all, just theory?

My theory is not much has changed since we lived in caves, except fewer of us get eaten when we walk outside.