Culture is when we do this without thinking

  Culture is when we do this without thinking – everything. Culture is what we think and do without thinking. How committed would you be to organizing your efforts around crystal clear communication with the leaders within a group (work group, community group, Family unit, etc) , even though we might see each other a few […]

Are Baby Boomers Too Old To Lead A Nation Wide Health Revolution?

One of the main, insidious reasons our nation is in an obesity epidemic is because when young look at old, they see what they think is an inevitable jail sentence. What if the nationwide health landscape for older Americans, especially Baby Boomers, looked vibrant, happy, healthy, active and alive? PS. This is Mid Life Celebration’s […]

Chicago Library Is Threatened

Earlier this morning, we talked about how Libraries and book stores are going to go away. Can’t predict when, but it will happen. Unless Libraries and bookstores reinvent the book paradigm. They will either become victims or victors to creative thinking and shifting consumer demands and trends. While today’s first (this is the second) […]