Weekend Festivities?

A three-day weekend.  Those don’t happen much in my world. Do they in yours? I actually work seven days each week, in order to have what I define as balance. Balance, is individually interpreted by people.  There isn’t one way to get it. Just like there isn’t one way to invest money, get in shape or […]

You Tube versus Hulu?

You Tube just announced it’s bid to remain the Internet’s leading video source. But they better move quickly, because being number one doesn’t mean you get to stay number one. Click here to read the article. Seems that Hulu has made full-length video streaming free and expansive. Where the heck was You Tube while Hulu […]

What a GREAT Day!

Today was an awesome day. Relatively pain-free run.   See Lane 8 for details on the story. Great Homily at Church Great connections with special people at Church Swimming, Lunch & Nap with my son this afternoon Cub Scout Awards Banquet & our son received his Wolf Cub Badge My wife totally added a woman’s touch […]