Great By Choice Or Does Your Company (Or You) Stink?

Two compelling book titles in the Dallas/Fort Worth airport a few months ago. We can surmise that being great (left book) is done on purpose, and being bad (stinky, right book) is done by not being on purpose. This is the Midlife Movement and the Midlife Herd in a weird analogy. The truth (in these […]

The Reason Younger Generations Can’t See A Boomer’s Potential Is Because They See What Boomers Can’t

Boomers, go look in the mirror at your naked body. Then find a quiet place, outside preferably, to see your naked soul. And is your attitude riddled with blind spots you should fix, or do you ooze positivity, faith? Are you doing work you love? Is your home and life decently organized or messy? Next Blog

Are Baby Boomers Too Old To Lead A Nation Wide Health Revolution?

One of the main, insidious reasons our nation is in an obesity epidemic is because when young look at old, they see what they think is an inevitable jail sentence. What if the nationwide health landscape for older Americans, especially Baby Boomers, looked vibrant, happy, healthy, active and alive? PS. This is Mid Life Celebration’s […]