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jeff noel knew that the odds were great he’d never be in Waco, Texas again. The decision was simple, figure out how to get on the track or go home empty handed. This sounds like a runner’s story. It’s not. It’s a story about chasing perfection and in the process, settling for excellence – the […]

Yep, This Mid Life Celebration Blog Is About HQ, The Paperwork Of Life, And This Story Is Related

As a world-class Master’s Track & Field 400 meter runner himself, jeff noel couldn’t fathom being on Baylor’s campus and not touching the track where four Olympic Gold medal 400 meter runners trained. On the other hand, noel had spent 10 hours traveling, was beat, and had an early call time the next morning… Next Blog

Winnie The Pooh Changed The Way We Think About Honey

Winnie The Pooh changed the way we think about honey. Tigger changed the way we think about bouncing and jeff noel, maybe, is changing the way people think about blogging. At the very least, noel is influencing the way we think about Midlife crisis (celebration). Next Blog