Former jeff noel website page for posterity

For posterity…


•  New website launched Independence Day 2016  •


To visit the new Disney Keynote Speaker site, click here, or on the photo below:


Disney Keynote Speaker jeff noel


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If you want to continue on this site, you’ll have access to details currently not available on the new site.


Because this site was a placeholder until a simple, corporate, and different website was created featuring the Disney Way. Think of this as an acoustic version of typical Disney Keynote Speaker websites, stripped down to the beautiful basics.


Looking for a remarkable and compelling Disney speaker or business advisor?


This site will help you because in just three minutes (and seven easy clicks) you will be guided to a menu page with choices for topic and length, and FAQ’s.



If there was a remarkably valuable Disney resource available to you, would it sound like this?


•  30-year Disney leader

•  Two-time Walt Disney Lifetime Achievement Award recipient

•  15 years speaking to over one-million people globally with Disney Institute

•  Disney Institute’s most requested, highest rated speaker

•  His only goal is to see you reach yours

•  Retired from Disney in 2014 to launch his own enterprise



Seriously, three minutes with a “click countdown”…


First time Guests


Returning Guests



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