Chance favors these people and always has

    (photos: WordPress Word Camps happen across the globe. They will never have a Disney insider speak to them about how to run their business differently.) Chance favors the prepared person. When Mid Life Celebration incorporated January 1, 2009, the opportunity to purchase a Disney Institute (DI) keynote speech for a large (or any […]

When Is Your Funeral?

When is your funeral?  No idea, right? Exactly.  None of us know. And because, for most people, death is paralyzingly scary, we ignore it. As if it will go away if we don’t think about it. I think about death everyday. This helps me appreciate the gift of life today and the opportunity to do […]

JD Salinger

“Why the hell don’tcha, instead of keep saying it?” –– J.D. Salinger You know: Write the book Get in shape Stop smoking Get married Start a family Save for retirement Start your own business “Why the hell don’tcha, instead of keep saying it?”

You’re Probably Afraid Where You Stand

How’s that for a jeff noel five daily blogs blog post title? “You’re Probably Afraid Where You Stand” Would this be good on a business card? As a slogan? As a conversation starter? As a kick in the ask pants? Your pants.