LinkedIn Profile for jeff noel

Here’s my LinkedIn profile for jeff noel. Who cares, right? Exactly.  Who gives a crap? Here’s what I think.  I think if you are serious about your future and the future of those important to you, you’ll figure out how to leverage the many tools that exist in our world. Tools that don’t need to […]

Do the Math?

Thirty-one to fifty? What the? Only 31 days until I turn 50.  The big 5-0! Woo – hoo!  Seriously. While some dread 50, I can’t wait. Why dread something that is inevitable? This is a hard thing to do – to not dread the inevitable. How? Don’t know exactly.  The way I figure it, we […]

Did I mention this before?

Did I mention I bought a MacBook last week? Did I mention how much I love the challenge of learning a completely different way of using a laptop? And did I mention I have an eight-year old? All this means is that it’s a great time to be alive. I walked to Niagara Falls late […]

What if…..

What if you started writing? Everyday, I mean. What if you started exercising, even if it was simply walking? Five days every week? What if you started reading? Everyday? What if you started praying? Again, I mean everyday. What if you saved some money? Every week? What if? Things that make you go, “hmmmmmm…..”. What […]