Midway Through 100 Days

jeff noel and You Tube Video

Jeff Noel has just posted his very first You Tube video.

It’s a short and interesting one.

We can so easily see other’s blind spots, yet our own are impossible for us to see.

Click here to play:  Jeff Noel and Blind Spots

Has anyone seen my glasses?

Happy Friday and Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

Midway Through 100 Days

jeff noel thursday

Greetings from 32K feet. I’m on a Delta Airlines flight from Hartford, CT to Orlando and Walt Disney World.

It’s amazing, to me, that Internet access is now possible on commercial flights.

AirTran announced yesterday it will provide this on all their flights.

Delta is currently offering it on selected flights.

Some day, every airline will offer it on every flight.

It almost seems prehistoric that we haven’t reached that point yet.

Minutes ago, I finished my Lane 8 post, where a wrote about the impossible becoming “business a usual”.

At Disney, where I’ve worked for the past 25 years, our founders, Walt and Roy Disney, where focused on one thing – doing things that had never been done before.

Years later, what couldn’t be done, and they were the first to do, is now “business as usual”.

Good luck with your business and your “impossible” dreams today. Carpe diem, jeff noel, aka jungle jeff 🙂

Midway Through 100 Days

jeff noel – World Class Wednesday?

jeff noel – World Class Wednesday?

OK, so I missed posting yesterday. Sorry.

It actually felt good to skip a day.

Trust me though, it wasn’t intentional.

But once I realized it was going to happen, I found that letting go of the expectation, even for just one day, felt healthy.

If you’re new to jeff blog, here’s the deal. I post five blogs every single day.

Classic over-achiever.

Or said another way, building a foundation, a base.

In running, we call it conditioning. Early season workouts focus on building a great cardiovascular system as well as strength training and flexibility training.

All three combine to position the runner for the racing season, when quantity gives way to quality.

So for now, it’s about quantity. It’s about building a strong base, or foundation.

Ya with me?

Classic over-achiever? Maybe. Maybe not.

Perhaps, I’m just a guy focused on excellence. Remember what I told you Tiger Woods told me?

He simply said, “Out work ’em”, when I asked him for the most important piece of advice for anyone wishing to become world-class.

So, today, will you run with the pack, get left behind, or clearly outdistance your competition?

The choice is yours. Always is. Always will be. Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

Midway Through 100 Days

What Difference Will You Make?

Will you make a difference today?

Did you yesterday?

Will you tomorrow?  Next week?  Next month?   Next year?

Most people want to make a difference.  It’s part of human nature, I think.

However, we should all be aware of a BFO – Blinding Flash of the Obvious – that we judge ourselves differently than everyone else judges us.

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Make it a GREAT Monday!!  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

Midway Through 100 Days

Jeff Noel Free Blogs?

Jeff Noel free blogs?

What?  Free blogs?

Of course.

Here they are.  Help yourself:

  1. jeff noel . org
  2. jeff noel . com
  3. mid life celebration . com
  4. jungle jeff . net
  5. lane 8 . org

Are you kiddin’ me, five blogs every day?

Try to.

But you don’t need to take my word for it.  See for yourself.  

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂