Life Is Mostly Overwhelming

Life. We love being alive. We dread dying. In between, we have to carve out our life.  A life that hopefully allows us to not only survive, but also to thrive somewhat. To have mostly good days, a fair number of “bad” days, and occasionally a few great days. Bad, good, great.  We will each define […]

jeff noel quotes

Being inspired inspires others. Most humans like quotes. We enjoy the way a small sentence or quick thought can summarize the essence of a larger body of work. Some people are addicted to quotes, like me. And some people find themselves quotable. This is usually by design, and it is also the mark of someone […]


Feeling edgy this morning. Feelin’ edgy for a week. Ever feel like that? U2’s Desire is not one of my favorites, however, it really fits today. Click Desire. Not the song, the feeling. Desire. Desire to do what?