Jokers Are Wild

RIP Leaky Tiki

Mrs Incredible
Mid-afternoon yesterday, as the Walt Disney World Jungle Cruise boat took on water.
Disneyland Frozen Show
Our seats were exceptional yesterday.
Clay mockup of Walt Disney and Mickey at Disneyland
Partners in Excellence in Disney’s California Adventure.

RIP Leaky Tiki.

Yesterday’s Jungle Cruise boat sinking was a wow, but not the good kind.

In true Disney fashion, safety takes a back seat to nothing. No one was hurt.

Our pride was bruised, and the Show must go on.

Thank you to my college buddies for texting me right away. Some even suggested i get over to Adventureland (Florida) asap to check on things and save the day.

They didn’t know we are celebrating at Disneyland (California) this week.

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Completely Different?

Perhaps it’s a sign on the final day walking out

Orlando Based Disney Speakers


(photo: Disney’s jungle jeff retires after 30 years and that’s him walking out of Celebration 215… he always took the stairs to the fourth floor.)

Plans have changed?

Brought the hat in ‘to hang it up after 30 years’.

Boss was out of the office unexpectedly.

So the plan changed.

Never intended to leave wearing it.

Perhaps it’s a (fantastic) sign.

Yes, final answer.

Sure feels good.

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