There’s an exception to virtually every rule

Tour group at Orlando Theme Park
There are stereotypes (good or bad) for everything and everyone


Tour group at Orlando Theme Park
What’s your first impression? Is it based on fact?


Is there truly an exception to virtually every rule?

We are all broken and beautiful.

We all judge others.

Our goal is to let go of judging.

We are in charge of our life.

We generally use excuses as a default option when there are difficult (probably painful) choices to make.

Our other job is to stop making excuses.

None of this is easy.

That’s why so few can read all the way to here and smile.

Most reading all this (which began here) are emotionally charged with an opinion.

And the whole point is that each of us is just a person with an opinion, just like Jenny. Just like her friends. Just like society.

There is no greater wisdom than kindness. Thank you for sharing yours with the world.

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Maybe our lists are unrealistic

Dumbo ride at night
Sometimes we feel like a elephant’s rear


Got a lot done yesterday. Not as much as on the list, but maybe the list was unrealistic.

And maybe that’s the catch, we put too much on our lists.

What if there were only three things:

1. Order books
2. Gym
3. Work

Those are three massively important tasks.

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You're A Hoser, Eh?
You're A Hoser, Eh?

Humans hate pushy people.

But we’d be lost without them, wouldn’t we?

I mean, without pushy people, what would humans talk and gossip about? And who would they blame and judge, if not for pushy people?

Pushy people, in general, are obnoxious, self-centered (it seems), and egotistical. Just to name a few.

However, there’s something special about pushy people.

And most never come to realize the gift pushy people bring to our lives.

And right now you’re probably saying, “What the heck are you talking about?”

And don’t you hate when pushy people just leave you hanging?