Kindness and generosity, what?

Glacier National park
GNP. Hidden Lake Trail, well past the overlook.

It is much easier to be critical then to be correct.

Benjamin Disraeli

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If we can agree that neither of us is in charge



(photo: Empty nester’s often use their children’s bedrooms for storage)

Do not judge others.

Others, please do not judge us.

If we can agree that neither of us is in charge of the other and neither will change to suit the other…

Let us be at peace with that and let the cards of the future fall where they may.

Seems fair and reasonable.

Preparing for a huge life transition in Orlando, the process of reorganizing at home began before this trip.

It only took two seconds to understand the personal value of being decently organized.

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Plank this?

sweaty running man in classroom
Mouth shut? Check.


Plank this? Not the physical plank exercise, but rather the metaphorical blind spot we can see in another person’s eye but not our own.

Have been systematically combing through my eyes. More aware of blind spots than ever before. Eyesight improving, but still somewhat blind.

Giving up alcohol was a big one.

Starting a business was another.

Learning to keep my mouth shut was big too.

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