Final 120 Days

Joyful intensity

Thank you card arrived yesterday.


The note reads:


I wanted to take a minute, and write you a quick thank you. First off thank you for the phone call a few weeks ago. The energy you brought coupled with your enthusiasm is what created “#JoyfulIntensity“.

I have already coined the phrase at work, and it’s catching on. I also want to thank you for your wonderful book. You stirred up thoughts I have never had before. In a few pages you woke me up!

I appreciate your time by phone, text, or email. Your patience, kindness, and passion shines! I hope your success soars.


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Dear Son

Otay Panky, Let’s Get Back To Being Serious

We are all cut from the same human cloth.

Dear Son, one of the insights you’ve heard me talk about is all humans, no matter our title, address, age, religion, experience, we all share the same general physical and emotional infrastructure – bank on this.

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I Am

I Am Cheerful

Mostly, I like to have fun.

I am cheerful, positive, and happy, even when it’s difficult and challenging. I count my blessings everyday – the key source of cheerfulness.

PS. As a follow up from yesterday…I spend $88 for three shirts at JC Penny.

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