Indecision May Or May Not Be

“Indecision may or may not be my problem.” — Jimmy Buffett Ain’t it da truth?  This is one of the many reasons I’ve been challenged to do a better job at living out my dreams. Please don’t get me wrong, most people have a pretty good batting average – we do many of the things […]

Why Isn’t jeff noel Funnier?

Why?  Because becoming hysterically funny (in addition to being uncommonly insightful and off the hook fast), would only lead to fame and fortune.  While this would appear, to most people, to be a good thing, it’s actually a catch-22. Jimmy Buffett, in one of his clever songs, sings, “I don’t want the fame that brings […]

Mother Teresa & Jimmy Buffett

Mother Teresa & Jimmy Buffett hold very special places in my heart.  They seem to have nothing in common, right? And yet I have aspirations to be like both. Everyday I wake up with the grandiose goal to save the world – you know, to serve the poorest of the poor. And each day I […]

What Would You Choose?

What would you choose? Jimmy Buffett or Bob Marley? It was a pretty easy choice.  Bob Marley. I’ve been listening to Jimmy Buffett since Sunday afternoon. The writing has been coming pretty easy.  The hard part is, I have so many ideas.  So much inspiration. Isn’t that one of the keys to life, or anything […]