When’s Your Funeral?

Morbid thought or inspirational thought? Inspirational thought! Why? Because when we realize that tomorrow is not guaranteed, perhaps we will put more focus on today. Looks good on paper, but is incredibly elusive.  The whole “live in the moment” thing is very challenging to do. Have you ever tried it?  I mean, day after day, […]

My Friend Said This

“To know is to do.  To know and not do, is to not yet know”. —  jeff’s friend Said another way:  “Common sense needs to be common practice”. – jeff noel Otherwise, it’s like we don’t even know what common sense is. Yes, this is painful to admit.  Yes, it’s not easy to apply common […]

What’s Stopping You?

Excuses? Attitude? Fear? Anger? Doubt? Good.  All these things mean you’re human.  There are a million ways to overcome these things.  The secret is to find your way. That’s one of the biggest barriers – people want to be handed the recipe for success.  The reality is, you have to find it on your own.

Rules For Being Human

I’ve had this article for ten years, given by a friend. The author is unknown. Here it is in it’s entirety: The question remains, despite all the work and inquiry of the researchers discussed in this column and countless others: How can we build committed, competent people and workforces? I received the following as a […]

Too Long Tuesday?

There’s been a very calculated effort to make all five blogs comply with a “short post” challenge. It was a simple test to see what would happen.  What happened? Website traffic spiked.  Thank you everyone, for your interest.  While the real reason I blog so much is selfish, it’s actually an amazing joy to think […]