No Hometown Prophet

Yesterday’s post, with the quote sent from Sally, is a reminder of how difficult it is to have the confidence to feel like we can make a difference. People who know you well, will not notice your transformation, and therefore, you are much more susceptible to their ridicule and your own doubt. And during this Lenten […]

The Dog That Stole Jesus’ Sandal

Do you day dream? I mean sometimes, do you day dream so big that it surprises you? Yesterday, I had a daydream that our beloved Canine Son Carter, an 11-year old Yellow Lab stole one of Jesus’ sandals. We laid Carter to rest yesterday morning, Valentine’s Day. It was a glorious moment when the image […]

Gabe Adams Inspirational

This is one of those times when a jeff noel blog post could work in any of the five themed blogs – Mind, Body, Spirit, Money or HQ. Well, here it is at HQ (headquarters), because it represents what I’m trying to convince myself of everyday. “Slow down, do your best and Joyfully serve others […]

How Many Posts?

Total posts? Since March 2009, 1,152.  From five daily blogs, by the way. Not bad for a guy who simply wants to “leave a trail” for his young (9 years old) son. And, oh yeah, one other thing.  Not bad for a father that wants to help raise enough money until a cure is found […]

World-Class Benchmarking

Benchmarking.  Seeing, not how others do things, but more importantly, seeing how others think. I am a serious bench-marker.   Way more than the average bear. There will come a time when my (five) blogs have more sophisticated features.  All good things take time.  Rome wasn’t built overnight.  I didn’t wake up one day and […]