There’s A Decent Argument For Which Is More Important, Christmas Or Easter

Is Christmas or Easter More Important?

Mid Life Celebration’s jeff noel asks, “Which holiday is more important and why, Christmas or Easter?”

By midlife, aging Baby Boomers ought to have firm convictions. The Blog Whisperer is betting most folks will have to think about it first. Noel’s point exactly. We shouldn’t have to think about it. That should have been done long ago.

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Mid Life Celebration Public Service Announcement

Almost ran right past this on a jog at Baylor University. Btw, this is true, even if you don't love God.

Mid Life Celebration’s jeff noel feels compelled to make periodic public service announcements. It’s time to remind everyone – the goal in all five blogs is to help you do three things:

  1. Think
  2. Smile
  3. Be Grateful

Nearly everything I write is focused on the first one. It is up to you to interpret the personal experiences, the questions, the metaphors, the analogies. It’s up to you. Period.

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Go Ahead And Look Somewhere Else, jeff noel Will Be Here When Those Other Things You Try Don’t Work

Life is a highway, a path, we travel on every day.
Life's Big Choices can be deceptively difficult to discern
Life's Big Choices when we are afraid to decide for fear of being wrong
Life's Big Choices when "everything's important"

Boomers, if you’re like jeff noel was in his 40’s, you can’t decide what Life’s Big Choices are so you do one of two things:

  1. Make everything important
  2. Procrastinate and not make anything a priority

Obviously, even if we choose not to decide, we still have made a choice.

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A Fellow Boomer Asked jeff noel If He Ever Tires Writing Five Daily, Different Blogs

Did he just say, "Not a chance"?

Some of jeff noel’s friends are bloggers. They seem to marvel at his ability to write five daily, short, pithy blog posts about Life’s Big Choices. Only recently did noel start to consciously understand why. It’s hard to do anything everyday. Period. Except maybe, eat. But to eat healthily and in moderation everyday? Not a chance.

Curious, any of you feel the subconscious tug to rethink, reprioritize and recommit? Not a chance?

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